1. collaged/mixed media.

  2. doodles from a coffee date with a friend (actually the first time we met :) )

    I had the blue pen & she used the pencil for the most part.

  3. couple personal pieces. I was playing the game where I dump out whatever pencil bag/box I have and use every tool in it at least once on a drawing.

  4. a short pose from a dr sketchy’s circus themed night with added creepy clown sticker

  5. work post it doodles

  6. Part 2 of the Magritte theme with some more work…

  7. This was a Magritte themed Dr Sketchy’s that I went back in and added to at a later date.

  8. Yah! I finished a sketchbook. Time for some pics. This was mainly only used for Dr Sketchy sessions which I’ve already posted here. But some I went back in a bit more and there’s a handful of other stuff in here.

  10. vilofe:


    Embroidery, April 2014

    - ollie renee schminkey

    (Source: lanepatriquin, via oncewild)